Requesting Donations From The Jeff Ruby Foundation

The Jeff Ruby Foundation is committed to improving the communities in which we live and work, particularly relative to the welfare and betterment of the futures of at-risk youth. We’re absolutely grateful for each and every financial request and appreciate that very good people have so many worthy causes that are near and dear to their hearts! Each of you is truly working to make the world a better place.

With that, after much deliberation and research, we have chosen to focus our energies and resources toward foster kids and the proximate, myriad issues challenging them. We receive hundreds of donation requests throughout the year and while we clearly wish we could grant each and every one, it is important to note that we are most likely to only consider those which align closely with our Foundation’s mission.

Please review the following criteria that we use to evaluate donation requests. If yours meets these guidelines, please complete and submit the form below and the Foundation team will review the information in a timely manner and respond to the contact email listed. Thank you very much!

Donation Guidelines:

- Please ensure that all donation requests are made 6 weeks or more in advance of your event.

- We are thrilled to consider donation requests that align with our Foundation's mission relating to the betterment of children's futures.

- Sponsorships for monetary donations must benefit a certified 501c3 organization and 501c3 paperwork must accompany the request.

- We ask that requests for food donations are kindly received 2 months or more prior to the event date. Food donations will be evaluated on a case by case basis as they are highly dependent on scheduling and seasonality.

- All donation requests are reviewed and allocated at the Corporate level and the most efficient method to submit one is through the following form. Requests through other means or through individual restaurant locations could significantly increase response time.

- When submitting the form below, please make sure all fields contain correct information.

- Gift cards may be donated to events for silent auctions only; raffles, door prizes, incentives for participation and other non-charitable uses are not permitted. We are unable to donate to individuals, personal causes or to companies participating in giving campaigns for large organizations.

- Religious organizations requesting a gift card must use the funds raised directly for community outreach. We are not able to donate to church or school fundraising festivals.

Donation Request

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