Jeff Ruby - Jeff Ruby Foundation

"Cincinnati has one of the Top 5 worst childhood poverty rates in the country. We need to get us OFF THIS LIST!"

- Jeff Ruby

We believe the most vulnerable children in poverty are those without parents to advocate for them and protect them. Evidence also suggests that they are the group at the highest risk of repeating and sustaining the cycle of poverty.

Our Vision

To identify and implement solution-based strategies that help lift vulnerable children in the Greater Cincinnati Area and the cities we serve out of poverty in this generation and for generations after.

Our Mission

To identify the biggest obstacles orphans and children in foster care face that are keeping them from achieving positive life outcomes, and then finding and resourcing programs that help eliminate these obstacles from their paths.

What We're Doing

A primary, consistent obstacle for children in need of a temporary or permanent, safe, loving home is, coincidentally, that there aren’t enough homes to go around. Even if there were, 50% of foster families quit within the first 12 months. It’s all a very complex situation, but the bottom line is if more children have the best quality homes from day 1—through better vetting, teaching, training, and equipping—paired with an absolutely critical wrap-around network/community around them—then a child’s chances of success are comparatively through the roof.

How We're Helping

Fortunately, during our research over the last few years we discovered some promising and potentially game-changing organizations and initiatives from all over the country—as well as right here in our hometown! Our lead partner is Cincinnati's own Coalition of Care which is Ohio’s primary bridge organization. A bridge organization connects families in faith communities - who have a strong desire to take in a vulnerable child into their homes - with the kids who are in need of a family.

Featured Media

Jeff Ruby was recently honored with an invitation to deliver the keynote address at the Public Children’s Services Association of Ohio’s annual conference. They asked him to give an inspirational, motivational speech to the 500+ attendees from all over the state of Ohio—mostly leaders and management in the social sector who work day in and day out with vulnerable children - and did he ever deliver.
What a great opportunity to impact our region for vulnerable children! View his presentation below:

Where We're Heading

We are extremely excited about the direction we are going and fully believe it can be a game changer for vulnerable children in our area. Our pilot programs are designed to educate, inspire, motivate, and activate more families than ever to get involved in the arena of stepping up for vulnerable children in a meaningful way. Once we engage them, they will be better trained and equipped than ever before to eventually create a huge pool of ready and willing families ready to take in a child that is so big that there are host families on a wait list for children!! The key to all of this is creating and resourcing the wrap-around care programs in the faith communities—which will all but ensure the success of the families and the vulnerable child in their care.

Thank you all so very much for your support of our foundation. We will continue to update you on details and results as we have them, and of course please reach out to our Foundation Coordinator, Mikayla Pitman, at with any questions.