Foundation Summary

The Jeff Ruby Foundation was formed in 2018 to drive systematic changes for those impacted by the foster care system. Since our founding, we have spent years researching the greatest needs of the foster care system.

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The Challenge

Hamilton County has one of the worst childhood poverty rates in the country. As of 2022, 22% of children were living in poverty. Currently, over 1,300 children are in foster care, and only 800 of those children live with a foster family. To make matters worse, 50% of foster families quit after 12 months. Sadly, over 100 children age out of foster care every year and face major challenges.

These children come from various ethnicities, backgrounds, neighborhoods, and economic circumstances. The most vulnerable ones are those removed or separated from their birth families due to poverty, neglect, and abuse.

Evidence suggests that foster care kids have the highest risk of repeating and sustaining poverty or being incarcerated.

Approximately three-fourths of the male (74%) and female (75%) inmates surveyed had been in foster care for one year or longer, according to the California Senate Office of Research.

*Data provided by PCSAO with details from Hamilton County Children’s Services


Jeff Ruby’s passion for the foundation stems from his own experience of a troubled childhood. He left home as a young teenager in pursuit of a better life. His high school football coach became an influential force, giving him the guidance he needed to change his future trajectory.

In 1981, Jeff Ruby founded Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment (JRCE) with the opening of The Precinct in Cincinnati. It has grown into one of America’s longest-running fine dining steakhouses with seven nationally recognized restaurants and an event venue in Cincinnati, Columbus, Lexington, Louisville, and Nashville. JRCE is led by an executive team and his three children, Britney Ruby Miller, Brandon Ruby, and Dillon Ruby. As a family, they decided to invest attention and commit resources to helping vulnerable youth.

Jeff Ruby has built a legacy but has always valued the importance of giving back to others. He has spent his adult life being a surrogate father to several teenage, fatherless boys.

The Solution

Providing a fighting chance for vulnerable children is very complex. Yet, the simple truth is that if they have quality caregivers paired with a supportive
community, their chances of success are exponentially greater. This is the main goal of The Jeff Ruby Foundation – to help overcome challenges within the current foster care system by offering wraparound care for foster families.

Our lead partner is Cincinnati’s Coalition of Care, Ohio’s primary bridge organization. A bridge organization connects families in faith communities with children needing a family.

How We Help

The Jeff Ruby Foundation knows that the most vulnerable children are those removed or separated from their birth families due to poverty, neglect, and abuse. They need someone to step in and take care of them while their parents work to repair their lives – someone they can trust.

That’s where The Jeff Ruby Foundation comes in. Our goal is to give at-risk kids a childhood filled with love, understanding, and the support they need to have a fighting chance. We partner with game-changing organizations and initiatives from all over the country, as well as in our restaurant communities, to raise funds and identify volunteer opportunities. The Jeff Ruby Foundation also provides mentorship programs for those close to aging out of the foster care system – helping them enter the workforce and find employment opportunities, particularly in the restaurant industry.

Jeff Ruby Foundation Employees at the Nest Community Garden

Our Team

The Jeff Ruby Foundation Team is comprised of local business and civic leaders from the community who are recommended by a nominating committee and chosen for exhibiting leadership in their organizations and civic areas. Our team works together to provide the foundation’s leadership and vision and aims to develop and approve the annual business plan, set goals and priority outcomes, and monitor progress. In addition, the team has a fiduciary responsibility for aligning our programs to the foundation’s goals.

  • Jeff Ruby Founder
  • Dillon Ruby President
  • Caleb Miller Chairman
  • Mikayla Pitman Foundation Coordinator
  • Darcie Bristow Treasurer
  • Britney Ruby Miller Board Member
  • Brandon Ruby Board Member
  • Charles Mehlman Board Member
  • Ford Taylor Board Member
  • Mike Scholtman Board Member
  • Rayshun Holt Board Member
  • Marcus Thompson Board Member
  • Terry Phillips Board Member

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The Jeff Ruby Foundation

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Phone: 513-321-8080

OFFICE HOURS: M-F 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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